9 Fantastic and Fun Flower Crafts for Kids to Make

9 Fantastic and Fun Flower Crafts for Kids to Make

Flower Crafts for Kids to Make

Flower Crafts for Kids! Spring can be busting with new plants and flowers.  So why not try out some of these fantastic flower craft ideas?  Ideal for keeping youngsters busy and if the weather is warm.  Plus you can always head out into the yard to make these as well.  I’ve made a great round up of ideas that you can do at home with the kids!

Spring Flower Craft Ideas

Use up those craft buttons by making some Spring Button Flowers like Creative Family Fun.  Or grab the paint and make some adorable Fingerprint Flower Magnets.  Life with Moore Babies will explain how to make these lovely keepsakes.

Decorate your front door just like Kitchen Counter Chronicle, with some simple to make Spring Paper Flowers.  Do you have lots of ribbons and wonder what to do with it?  Find out how to make some Ribbon Flowers from Stream Powered Family. These are cute and ideal for decorating gift boxes as well.

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Make these beautiful Flower Petal Candle Holders from Adventure in a Box.  Perfect for gifts for family and friends, especially for Mother’s Day!  Or why not make some Egg Carton Flower Magnets? Full instructions can be found on this post from Twitchetts.

Your older kids would adore making these Denim Flowers from Moms and Crafters.  These make ideal accessories for headbands, clips or even decorate a bag with them.  For younger kids, why not grab those spare wine corks and make some Cork Printed Button Flowers, just like Emma Owl.

And finally…  Create these Gorgeous Coffee Filter Flowers! Full instructions on how to make these from One Creative Mommy.  I hope that you feel inspired to try out some of these ideas with your kids or even have a go yourself!


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12 Fabulous Spring Craft & Make Ideas for Kids

12 Fabulous Spring Craft & Make Ideas for Kids

Spring Craft & Make Ideas for Kids

Want to make some interesting crafts with your kids this Spring? Stuck for some creative ideas that are fun and easy to make, then why not check out some of these fabulous ideas from around the globe!

Spring Crafts for Kids

This simple and cute Cherry Blossom Pom Pom Tree from Play Trains!  Why not follow that up by making a really pretty craft with this Yarn Wrapped Blossoming Spring Tree from I Heart Crafty Things?

Spring, to us, means new life!  What better way to celebrate this than making some of these lovely Decorated Wooden Eggs like Fireflies and Mudpies.  For younger CrArty kids, why not make some of adorable Rainbow Butterfly Cork Crafts from Red Ted Art?

This Raindrops Mobile from Creative Family Fun is an ideal craft to brighten up any bedroom or playroom.  You could also make a pretty Stamped Sheep Craft like Buggy and Buddy, as a wall decoration or gift!

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More Adorable Spring Crafts

We are delighted to share more adorable spring craft ideas with you!  Gather some rocks and pebbles this weekend and make some Garden Markers by Painting Stones from Adventure in a Box.  Or how about making a cute Easter Chick Cake in a Jar like Messy Little Monster?  Both great crafts for kids to try!

If you have some egg boxes in your craft stash then you too could make a bouquet of Spring May Flowers as shared by Kitchen Counter Chronicle.  Use your freezer to make an interesting Spring Ice Ornament for your garden from Learning and Exploring through Play.

As the Spring flowers begin to bloom make an adorable Butterfly Craft similar to Fantastic Fun and Learning. Finally, get out your bubble wrap and make some fantastic Bubble Wrap Trees from To Be A Kid Again!

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9 Amazing Valentines Day Cards for Kids to Make

9 Amazing Valentines Day Cards for Kids to Make

Amazing Valentines Cards for Kids to Make

Valentine’s cards! I all love those homemade cards and the memories they create as well!  Let’s celebrate all things to do with love, hope and happiness, starting with this wonderfully personal and colourful post with Maggy from Red Ted Art.

Valentines Cards for Kids

One of my fondest memories of Valentine’s Day, besides decorating our house, with Valentines Decorations, was going to school carrying my Valentines Box that my mum and I made.

It was probably decked with red and white construction paper, cut out hearts, and probably with my name written on the side. I would proudly set it on my desk and wait for my classmates to fill it with Valentine Cards and sweets.  It was fun to go home and eat some sweets and read all of the sweet cards from my friends.

Now that I am the mum, I want my children to also enjoy Valentine’s Day with their friends. My kids also like to make Valentine cards for their grandparents, parents, and each other.

A Few of Our Favourites:

  • Build your child’s fine motor skills while creating these adorable Woven Heart Valentine’s Cards. They are also a great way to use previously created art or scrap pattern paper!
  • Making paper snowflakes is a classic winter activity. These super cute Valentine Paper Heart Snowflakes are an extension of that activity but with a Valentine flair.
  • The result of paper quilling is beautiful. Even little kids can make these Paper Quilling Valentine’s Cards! How precious are these? I just love them.
  • This Blowing A Kiss Valentine Card is absolutely the perfect card for a child to give to grandparents. It is sweetly sentimental and an adorable keepsake!
  • These adorable Conversation Heart Valentine’s Cards are made with children’s watercolour artwork. This is a fabulous way to make an extra special keepsake out of artwork your child has made.

Some more ideas:

  • Do you have a sensory loving child? These Squishy Heart Cards are perfectly fun for little ones! These would also be great for kids to make and give to their friends!
  • Puffy paint is always a win in our house. It’s so much fun to create with but the end result is always “WOW”! These Puffy Paint Hearts are a must for Valentine’s Day!
  • The process of making marbled paper always has me it fits of awe. The fact that my kids can make such beautiful artwork makes me proud. These Marbled Paper Hearts are one decoration that I will never give up and love receiving them as cards!
  • These Bubble Wrap Heart cards are perfect for any age. Even toddlers can help press the painted bubble wrap down on the paper. Who doesn’t like to play with bubble wrap?

With Valentine’s Day being so high on my list, making cards is one of my favourite January activities.  A great way to spend the Valentine season.  It’s easy to make someone feel special with a homemade card and we love making them!

Kids like taking them to school for their classmates and teachers.  Grandparents love receiving them and of course, parents like to hang them up as keepsakes!

Which Valentine Card is your favourite? Or do you have a special Valentine family tradition?  Let me know and share your ideas too!

Maggy  Red Ted Art

A brilliant post from Maggy of Red Ted Art.  You can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest to find out more wonderful craft ideas for kids of all ages!


Amazing Abstract Paintings from Mondrian Artist of the Month

Amazing Abstract Paintings from Mondrian Artist of the Month

Mondrian – Artist of the Month

Mondrian is one of my favourite artists.

I love how visually striking his work is and I like his relationship between the lines and geometrical shapes. This month I plan to explore Mondrian’s style through a series of craft and artworks and invite you all to try making something that is influenced by his style too!

I’ve included a very brief history and images associated with Piet Mondrian.  I hope this gives a little insight into his life and works.


Piet Mondrian 1872 -1944

His Life & His Work

Welcome to the art and creative visions of Piet Mondrian, renowned for his use of primary colours, lines and sense of structure.

Early Years (1872-1911)

Piet Mondrian came from a family of long-established artists and teachers.

He learnt to draw and paint from a very early age. Mondrian began experimenting with light and colour, inspired by his Impressionist contemporaries.  He painted landscapes and rural scenes, incorporating some of the unique Dutch architecture and agricultural buildings.

His great passion was always in the creative arts and in 1892 he entered the Academy of Fine Art in the Netherlands.

During this time he began to experiment with Pointillism. He also used the lurid colours and brush marks associated with the Fauvist movement. Mondrian began to explore more abstract ideas after he attended a Cubism exhibition in Amsterdam in 1911.

Mondrian in Paris (1911-14)

The Cubist influence of Picasso and Braque can be seen in many of his works, including Grey Tree 1911. He experimented with lines, geometric shapes and different colour palettes.

He also began exploring beyond the natural world around him. This was an important time as he was able to start freely working in an abstract way.

The Netherlands (1914-1919)

Mondrian was visiting the Netherlands in 1914 when the war in Europe broke out and was forced to remain in the Netherlands for the duration of the war. It was here that he began to really explore his art and was melding his personal spirituality with his work.

He produced academic papers on his NeoPlastic approach to painting. An influence in the Dutch De Stijl (The Style) movement, he contributed to the De Stijl journal with fellow Dutch artists and designers.

Paris Between the Wars (1919-1938)

Mondrian immersed himself in post-WWI Parisian life and really began to experiment with line and form. It was during this time that he began to develop his block grid and colour style which he became renowned for.

His early work in Paris consisted of abstract shapes in muted colours, shapes and open grid lines. However, as his unique style matured, he began to use bold colours and strong black grids to create visually striking abstract images.

London & New York (1938-1944)

In 1938, Mondrian moved to London in an attempt to escape from the wave of fascism in Europe.  Finally, he moved to Manhattan in 1940.  His work was quite prolific at this time, working on some canvases that he had begun many months or years ago in London or Paris.

He began to use more colours and his work became busier, with more blocks of colour and fewer grid lines. Once he started to interlace strips of colour, he gave depth to his canvas.  This was unlike his earlier abstract works.

The musical arts and film in the USA brought a sense of vibrancy and visual depth to his work at this time. These works became his Boogie Woogie period, highlighting the influence of current music at the time on his art.

He died from pneumonia in Manhattan in 1944 at the age of 71.

Works by Mondrian – (clockwise from top) Composition Red, Yellow, Blue and Black 1921, Composition in Grey with Light Brown 1918, Broadway Boogie Woogie 1942, Evening Red Tree 1908-10, The Winkel Mill 1908.

Images obtained from Wikipedia.


1944 Onwards – An Inspired World

A new wave of artists and designers, intrigued and interested in Mondrian and the De Stijl style, followed.

The NeoPlastic style, incorporating colour and form, had an influence on popular culture and design. This is particularly noticeable in the 1950’s, 60’s and 80’s use of colour and form in design and artworks.

For example, the fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent dedicated a part of his art influenced collection to Mondrian. The Mondrian Collection 1965, included six cocktail dresses that incorporated the black lines, white background and primary colours in geometric shapes.

Should you wish to find out more then try clicking through to the Tate Gallery, the Guggenheim or the Piet Mondrian website for more links and information.