How to Make this Swirling Seascape Art for Kids

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Swirling Seascape Art is a great way to introduce children to creating abstract shapes with paint.  Take the motion of ocean waves, swirling foam and ebb and flow of the tide as an inspiration.  Using paintbrushes, cardboard scrapers, toothbrushes and fingers, this is a great way to experiment with paint as a fluid medium.  An ideal way to make a connection between seawater and water based paints.

What You Will Need

water based paints in different ocean colours   small bowls    water   cardboard    paint brushes    toothbrush    canvas or strong card    newspaper or cloth

How to Create Your Seascape Art Picture

First, prepare your work area by putting down newspapers or cloth.  Put the paints in the bowls and add a little water, mix with the paintbrushes to create different consistency of each paint.  Next, pour some of the paint onto the canvas and just swirl the paint around with the brushes, cardboard scrapers and fingers.  Try adding different hues of blue to the canvas.

Try leaving the canvas to dry and then add more paint to build up layers of colour and texture.  Or add you could different things to the paint, such as sand, oats or salt to the paint to create more texture and shapes to a seascape art picture.

This is such a great way of giving kids the freedom to explore paint, creating shapes and experiencing the different textures as well.  Why not try different shaped canvases or make some swirling sky or

Why not try different shaped canvases or make some swirling sky or garden scape pictures as well?

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