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Welcome to my first post as part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids.  This week’s theme is all about apples as the featured book is Ten Red Apples by Pat Hitchins.  So I’ve thought of a simple but awesome apple decoration that is quick and easy for the younger crafters out there!

A great skill to have as a young creative is being able to sew.  It is a really useful skill to have and the apple decoration idea can be adapted for the novice as well as the more experienced!

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Materials and Equipment

red, yellow and/or green felt or fabric     hole punch or riveter tool     embroidery needle or plastic needle     brown wool or ribbon

padding/stuffing     thread or wool     tailors pencil or chalk     a bowl or something round to draw a circle      PVA glue

How to Make an Awesome Apple Decoration

First, either fold the fabric in half or place two pieces of fabric on top of each other.  Next, place the bowl on top of the fabric and draw a circle around using the tailor’s pencil.  Carefully cut around the circle.

For younger crafters take the riveter tool and punch some holes to make an inner circle to sew around.

thread the needle with wool for punched hole sewers or thread for more advanced sewers.  stitch the two pieces of fabric together leaving a gap at the top.  Place the filling inside the fabric apple and glue a ribbon loop to the top of the apple.  Once dry finish off by sewing up the gap.

Make lots of apples of different sizes and use them as Fall (autumn) decorations around the home!

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