How to Make These Beautiful Leaf Prints


Creating Beautiful Leaf Prints

Leaf Prints are a great way to bring nature and art together, perfect for a project using leaves found around us.  We take part in Virtual Book Club for Kids this week, using kids books as a creative inspiration.

This week’s book is Red Leaf Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert, a delightful book that uses vibrant autumnal colours and packed full of interesting facts too.

You can find out more about the book through our links.  *This post contains affiliate links for the books on the booklist, as well as tools, materials and equipment that may be used in the post as well-  please refer to our disclosure policy*


There are various ways that you can make your own leaf print designs, yet I am going to share two of the easiest for kids to do with little or no supervision.  Because of the simple method, kids can produce some wonderful, vibrant results quickly, which means that they can experiment with colour in a dynamic way.


Materials and Equipment Needed

water-based paints    canvas or thick paper   a variety of different leaves    water pot   paper plates   sponge or paintbrush

newspaper or covering to protect work area


Leaf Prints Method 1

Place newspaper to protect work area, place canvas paper plates and water pot on work surface.  Pour a little paint onto each paint and soak the sponge in the water before squeezing out most of the water.   Take a leaf, dab the sponge into a paint and dab onto the leaf.

Once the leaf is covered place paint side down onto the canvas and press down.  Lift the leaf, reposition and press down again, repeat until it does not leave a print.  Next, reapply different paint to the leaf or choose a new leaf, and repeat the above steps.

Discuss how different colours mix together to make new colours, how different patterns are repeated and how the leaf print is less vibrant each time you make a print without reapplying any paint.

Leaf Prints Method 2

This time place a leaf or a few leaves onto the canvas and secure with double-sided masking tape on the back of the leaf.  Take the sponge and dab paint onto the leaf, allowing the paint to go onto the canvas.

When the leaf is removed, there will be a blank area where the leaf used to be.  Turn the leaf over, place it on the canvas and press down to create a print.

You can talk about the different colours, shapes and how the leaf has been used to create two different images.  Why not try repeating the process to create different shapes and patterns.

By showing kids how to use these two methods of printing we allow them to be creative and learn more about shape, form, texture, colour and pattern.

Virtual Book Club For Kids 2017-18

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